If you are working in a hotel or you are visiting one in the next few weeks, these are the areas of the room that you should pay attention to.

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has not only turned our way of life upside down but has also changed the health and safety standards we knew before. From shops, public transport, supermarkets, to the workplace or our own home. All the rooms we usually go through need extra cleaning and disinfection, such as hotel housekeeping.

Although there is still a long way to go before we are finished with the virus worldwide, the last few weeks have seen many industries begin to return to the “new normal”. One of them is the hotel sector. However, one of the big questions surrounding the reopening of hotels is how they can ensure the safety of guests and employees by following the new hygiene and disinfection measures. 

If you are visiting a hotel in the next few weeks or working in one, these are the areas of the room to which you should pay the most attention:

  1. All handles, knobs, cabinets, drawers and closets
  2. Light and electric switches
  3. Air conditioning controls
  4. Remote controls – TV, Radio, Air Conditioning
  5. Telephones
  6. Bathroom: dressing table, cisterns and toilet seats, bath and shower taps.
  7. Irons and keyboards/handles
  8. Toilets: hairdryer, toiletries, tissue boxes
  9. Kitchen – Cutlery, glassware, kettle, fridge and oven handle
  10. Hard surfaces – tables, desks

These are all areas that we touch directly with our hands when opening the door, for example. It should be cleaned more frequently and not only fixed on the doorknob but also any other handles, such as windows, cupboards and drawers.


During every hotel housekeeping cleaning, all those areas should be disinfected. In the case of a switch in a common area, such as an elevator, it is recommended to use a transparent plastic film to cover it and change it every hour. 


Reusing a cleaning cloth that has been in contact with the virus can be a high health risk if used in other rooms as it spreads very easily. It is recommended to use hospital disinfectant with antibacterial properties and to change the cloths used in each room cleaning.


In all common areas where crowds of people may occur, the safety distance to be maintained between each individual must be marked on the floor.


It is highly recommended that stations and points with hand sanitizing gel be installed so that guests and workers can use them frequently. Some of the areas where you can place it can be the entrance of the hotel, at the reception, near the restaurant or next to the elevators.


To ensure that safety regulations are compliant, it is important not only to implement the above measures but also to ensure that they are being carried out correctly and in all areas of the establishment. For this reason, you should carry out routine inspections to check that the security measures are in place and working correctly.

In a hotel establishment, regardless of its size, there are an infinite number of areas and aspects to be taken into account. Checking with a paper list can cause security problems, makes it difficult to process the data collected and does not provide a clear picture of the effectiveness of the measures.

New circumstances require new control tools. Lumiform is the digital solution that allows you to make health and safety checks quickly and reliably. From the mobile app, the hotel staff can make the necessary quality controls to make sure that all of them. From the desktop program, managers and supervisors can monitor the status of inspections, improve communication between all team members and solve problems that arise during inspections. 

For example, if a member of the cleaning staff team detects that one of the hand sanitizer dispensers has run out, they can report the problem from the app and assign corrective actions to a teammate to make a replacement. Similarly, managers can see how often the hand sanitizer needs to be replenished and plan how many bottles of hand sanitizer to buy for the next month. 

It is a way to optimize internal processes, solve problems faster and more effectively and ensure that both employees and guests enjoy an optimal experience during their stay, complying with quality and safety regulations according to the circumstances.

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