The virus is not visible; we can only see it by case numbers. We not only witnessing the introduction of travel restrictions, but that borders within Europe are closing, and that virology experts in TV shows discuss lack of protective equipment in German hospitals. Just a few weeks ago we were still discussing the cancellation of football matches – now you can hardly imagine going to one – with 70,000 other fans.

Workers in Germany, Europe and around the globe are feeling the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its spread. Almost all restaurants have now been forced to close (at least in Germany, Spain and Italy (except the out-of-home business), there are productivity losses within many companies in Europe due to quarantine/isolation measures and interruptions of business activities to protect employees. Almost all companies that can afford it have now established home offices to protect their employees from infection.


Lumiform has implemented extensive measures to ensure the safety of employees in times of COVID-19 ZU. We also want to continue to provide our customers with the highest standards and do our part to help slow down the spread of the virus in the community!

With the following measures, we achieve the goals mentioned above:

  • Home office for all employees
  • Avoid travel of any kind
  • Improvement of personal hygiene
  • Social distancing recommendation


We strongly recommended everyone to work from home. Every employee may take his monitor home if he wants to. There are daily video meetings, recently with the rule to turn on the video. Not to check if the people are there, but to maintain personal contact. Daily checklists with tasks help us to structure the home office everyday life.


We strongly encourage all employees not to undertake personal trips (of any kind). There is a 14-day isolation policy for anyone returning from an affected country (skiing holidays in Austria, Spain or Italy holidays, etc.) or who has come into close personal contact with someone who has returned from an affected country.


In the meantime, all employees work in the home office and are encouraged to wash their hands regularly. A few weeks ago, we had equipped our office with hand disinfectants and hand soap to help employees be especially vigilant and take hygiene measures according to best practice. If employees felt unwell, they strongly advised to seek medical advice and isolate themselves. Also, in the event of COVID symptoms, employees were encouraged to inform the employer immediately so that other employees could be informed and protected.


Our employees are informed to adhere to the guidelines for social distance established by the German government. For Lumiform (called Lumis in our company), this naturally includes the cancellation of all meetings with customers and potential customers, as well as internal meetings with colleagues. As described above, all employees now work in the home office. Meetings happen now via Slack and Google Hangout.


We are all jointly responsible for preventing the spread of COVID-19 through sensible measures.

We believe that EVERYONE should have access to the right, relevant information and tools to protect their people extensively. We have seen a significant increase in the number of ready-to-use templates and their download numbers in the last few days and are very happy about this. These templates help companies and their employees to establish hygiene standards, to ensure regular compliance with standards (for example, cleaning standards) and thus to apply the safety measures of COVID-19 at every workplace.

We see it as our essential task in the current situation to support companies by using these checklists to manage the health risks and the concerns regarding the compliance with hygiene and safety standards in times of COVID-19.

As shared in one of our articles on the website, we have provided free COVID-19 checklists and additional assistance.

The safety of people should be at the centre of any business purpose! We take personal health and safety very seriously, no matter what the current situation is.

Therefore we will make our software available to ALL companies free of charge until 22.05.2020. We want to help to contain this virus and will provide our best resource, our app, for this purpose. Contact us if you are interested.


We are here to support you who are reading this article right now, your employees and your company!

Lukas, Founder of Lumiform

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